Top Tips to Boost your Website Traffic?


  • Easy....Advertise Your Website Address! 

    Make sure your website address is available on all your marketing materials such as - letter heads, business cards, email signatures, and any featured advertising you do, both offline & online. Tip: Be sure to keep your brand, image, design and unique selling message consistent.


  • Don't Waste Time, Get Your Site Optimised

    Choose a specialist to optimise your site if you haven't already done so. Whether you are launching a new website or have an existing site, get the foundations right underneath your website so it can compete and attract the right traffic. This is so important. 

    Do you know if your site is 'Search Engine Friendly'? Many people often say "But my designer or developer should have done this, right?".

    Our answer, "No"! Designers design, web developers develop.... SEO specialists, optimise!! Choose an SEO expert wisely, get advice.



  • Get Noticed - Submit your Site! 

    From blogging posts, to forums to free submission directories, you should get your site listed for optimum exposure. All of our SEO Packages include site submission free. 



  • Don't Underestimate it - Analyse your Web Traffic

    If your lucky enough to have a good history of website statistics built up, use this information.

    Many people don't realise that this information is 'gold-dust' and could open many valuable avenues
    to increase a steady flow of website traffic. Others just find statistics 'boring' so avoid it!

    It's definitely worth finding an expert to seriously review your stats and find ways to tap into traffic sources that could reap major benefits for your business online. Don't underestimate this information, use it today!


  • Know Your Keywords

    Many businesses simply spam their websites with keywords... this is not good practice and you will be penalised by major search engines like Google!

    So... what keywords should you use to drive traffic to your site?
    Our advice, break it into 2. 1. Keywords you know - these are the keywords that 'point blank' you want to rank for. 2. Keywords you don't know but a SEO expert can investigate and inform you about.

    Before you spend money marketing your website to drive traffic, be sure, clear and informed about the most effective keywords that suit your industry. There is no point having lots of web traffic if you are not converting sales, enquiries or revenues! 


  • Simple - Update your Website!

    If you or your marketing team cannot edit your website without using a web developer... it's time to sort this out!

    You need to keep your site fully up-to-date with hot information about your industry and about your business.

    Don't just leave your site sit stagnant, it won't be able to compete to attract visitors online.

    To ensure your site is popular and credible, get your site moving. Write a blog, add news articles, enhance your product description information.... just don't leave it sit looking pretty, it won't make you money! Talk to us today, our Partners Idea Bubble offer a fantastic, unique CMS that can be developed to make your business work online


  • Pay Money to Get Clicks

    If you are having no luck organically (unpaid) building website traffic and your traffic is low, it might be time to seriously set aside a budget. 

    We only recommend setting up Google Adwords, Email Marketing Campaigns etc... when a client has a fully optimised website so that they can get a maximum ROI.

    For some businesses, a short-term injection of paid traffic pushed to their website can majorly increase their website traffic, increase indexing of pages on Google, encourage brand-awareness and hopefully lead to a steady stream of traffic organically in the future. Talk to us if you are interested in our Monthly Marketing Plans.


Talk to us for more tips & tricks

There are many ways to affordably boost your website traffic. Remember if you are on a budget we can help you spend your m oney wisely so that your website can grow and make your money to boost it even more!!

Email or Call us for more info






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